How To Create IoT Applications

How To Create IoT Applications

Thanks to the development of today’s technology, the meaning of the word IoT has evolved in various meanings since Kevin Ashton first used it in 1999. It becomes shape as what benefits it provides us has emerged and become meaningful with people’s basic needs.


IoT Based Applications And Functions

IoT based application such as smartwatches, smart electrical appliances, smart monitoring systems is in every aspect of our lives for helping in every condition of the problems. So, what does the word iot or the Internet of things, mean to you? This word can be summarily defined as a systematic network in which many devices are connected.

It can be considered as a remote which simultaneously connect to any device in the world or information sharing between these devices. Especially without high-level power consumption, with a Wi-Fi connection, or with a Bluetooth, etc. we can connect these devices which are around our environment through the globe.

IoT Based Applications And Functions
IoT Based Applications Areas

Process Before The Internet Of Things (IoT) Applications

We have learned what is iot? But, how can we create internet of things (iot) applications? First of all, you have to know 5 priority rules which these are have to be done before the process of creating an iot system and the applications.

  • Ensure that the data to be shared is securely protected
  • The information to be stored and shared must be calculated with all kinds of errors and vulnerabilities in mind and private security infrastructures should be prepared in the approach related to them to be made with a different system from known internet sharing routes. Keeping the high-quality speed process constant in data sharing It should be noted that the numerous devices that will interact with the data structure do not experience any loss of speed during this process and should provide stable high-quality performance.
  • Preparing iot sharing platform infrastructure It is necessary to create an infrastructurally stable platform for where the information transfer will take place and synthesize.
  • Creating a central cloud platform for iot system A cloud-based centralized platform is required to maintain the up-to-date and security of information for data loss and fast sharing operations.
  • Assisted data service management
Process of Internet Of Things ApplicationsProcess of Internet Of Things Applications

In case of any urgent problem, the management center should be provided for the complete and smooth transmission of the processed data to the users.

Furthermore, it should be noted that there are 4 basic steps that should be taken into consideration during the iot application construction process.

  • a special memory for storing structured information,
  • reducing energy consumption,
  • supporting wireless aids in information sharing,
  • easy-to-use basic and stable software.

IoT Applications Ideas

IoT applications ideas take shape and progress to make our daily lives easier. In the health sector, economy, transportation area, personal home use, military area, etc.and many more are developing unabated. So, what can we tell as an example? Let’s take a look at some iot applications ideas now in small titles.

IoT Applications Ideas
IoT Applications

A Nest From the Google Company

Taking quick steps in the iot process, Google has unveiled a new iot project within smart home systems. This system which is called Nest, maps the homes we live in and the environmental ınformation in it with Google’s database to measure the temperature, carbon monoxide gas ratio and humidity in the house with the help of sensors, and then provides early notification to users in the home or to the necessary agencies for emergencies.

With Wi-Fi integration, people who are using Nest can connect it to their mobile phones. They can weave information and changes within the House. Although this system is currently designed for some functional operations, it is possible that it can be detected and notify the amount of leaked gas or hazardous gas for example and the environmental information that may lead to health problems in the future.

Google Nest
Google Nest

Small auxiliaries in unmanned aerial vehicles: Drones

Important steps are being taken in the future of iot. In particular, drone technology does not only provide rapid visual aid from the high position but also makes it important to prevent health and loss of life by providing access to places that people cannot physically enter through small-sized drones. As an example, the company Matternet is preparing to use drones developed with the iot system to send medical support and relief supplies to places with no urgency and transportation facilities around the world.


Wearable smart clothing with sensor content

Wearable smart clothing seems to be emerging in a wider variety of ways to meet our needs soon, thanks to technology. The company OMsignal plans to follow its priorities in measuring the heart rhythm within the health sector as a target point, calculating the rise and slowdown in the respiratory rate, calculating the number of calories lost, and the level of sudden decrease and rise in body temperature.

Involved in the production process of wearable smart garments as a collection of men and women. OMsignal stated that its products are water-resistant and can be charged via USB cables.

Wearable smart clothing
Wearable Smart Clothes

IoT in Agriculture

The agricultural sector is increasingly important in both regional and digital innovation. Some of the most important benefits of iot systems, especially to the agricultural sector, will be able to give advance notice to farmers by detecting the amount of moisture in the soil, the water level in the soil, the health status of the crops grown in the soil, etc.

In this system, the company named Agrisource Data, thanks to their certain data analysis IoT systems, both for the convenience of farmers and to prevent problems of ecological degradation have taken steps to very important technological developments. It may take a lead above the innovation of the iot systems.

IoT in Agriculture
IoT for Farmers

IoT seems to be going to make more breakthroughs in the later times in technological terms. Apart from facilitating our daily lives, it is expected to bring about the beginning of application competition in the technological field with projects that will help us in health, education, economy, security, and many other sectors and to spice up our lives as well as ensure our security and prevent potential dangers.


How To Create IoT Applications

Are you looking for the steps of how to create IoT application? Learn more about internet of things (iot) applications.

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