People keep up with the age of technology. Many businesses, schools, workplaces, hospitals widely prefer smart devices. Smart devices are preferred in many ways. People follow technological developments that make their lives easier. People prefer to use smart devices in all situations where appropriate conditions are met. The foundation of smart devices is based on the Internet of Things technology. The Internet of objects is defined as the devices having their own Internet and personalized networks. These smart devices enable communication and information transfer between themselves through their communication protocols. Home security systems, smart home technology, remote monitoring and control systems, internet of wearable are the fields where the Internet of Things Applications are working.

Internet of Things Remote Monitoring

IoT remote monitoring system is developed with the Internet of Things technology for companies. In many industries, the Internet of Things technology is assisted in the formation of high-cost projects. The objectives of the projects to be developed are determined in order to benefit from remote monitoring technology. Develops projects by making use of Internet of Things solutions. Help is taken from Internet of Things solutions for error-free development of the project. This helps should be taken from the Internet of Things during the development process of the project should be analyzed. For this analysis to be accurate and efficient, the project must be thoroughly examined. The worst scenarios or best scenarios are created to prepare potential problems in the project to the Internet of Things remote monitoring technology. For example, in a project where an enterprise prepares and develops large budgets, the system is stopped by the Internet of Things if an undesirable value rises. Thus, the company is protected from possible damage. With these analyzes made during the project development process, the solutions needed by the enterprise are pre-designed. There is no need for unexpected changes in the project development process.



Internet of Things Remote Control

The Internet of Things technology consists of smart devices developed with the help of sensors. Smart devices provide multiple communication and information transfer with their communication protocols. With the introduction of the Internet of Things technology in our lives, the number of studies in this industry and smart devices has increased.

IoT remote control system provides benefits for the companies many businesses to prefer control and intelligent monitoring with IoT systems when developing projects. The scenarios designed for the developed project can be informed in advance about possible dangers and disruptions. These scenarios work meticulously in the project design process. With sensors and software, remote monitoring systems are developed.


“Ericsson” is a very successful company in the field of intelligent devices, intelligent monitoring systems and intelligent control systems developed with the Internet of Things technology. Promising easy access and easy operation for its customers, the famous brand also produces projects in the field of Internet of Things solutions. Supported by technological IoT platforms, the company predetermines the needs of its customers and designs many innovations in the Internet of Things technology. With 140 years of history, this company has had a very successful work program for years. This company has many projects in the field of smart devices and virtual reality, which are the foundation of today’s technology. In addition, this company has undertaken projects that set standards in the field of global communication. This company, which owns many devices and projects that increase productivity, aims to raise the living standards of people using the Internet of Things and cloud systems.


The systems developed by “OriginIoT” provide high efficiency for the technology of smart devices and the Internet of Things. With many product development protocols, this company offers a safer and more efficient living space for the future.


Remote monitoring systems developed by “Biotronik” are very important for the health sector. This remote monitoring system can instantly store the heart rate of people with heart disease and deliver it to doctors.





“ScienceSoft” is a technology company that has been in service for more than 7 years. The company that provides solutions in the IoT field also provides consultancy services. It enables businesses to have a more efficient working principle. The company, which has realized very successful projects in the IoT field, also works in the field of cost-saving. “ScienceSoft” develops projects in the areas of data analysis, cloud solutions, remote monitoring.

Magneto IT Solutions

Internet of Things, which has developed into a technology that is accessible to everyone, is an area where software companies also work. The fact that objects use a communication protocol among themselves as a result of technological developments is a fact that everyone accepts and incorporates into their lives. “Magneto IT Solutions” adopts this fact as a principle and develops costly and useful projects in its field. This company designs high quality and useful solutions and software about IoT scenario solutions that businesses need.


“Jasper” is a company known for its success in the Internet of Things technology. “Jasper” company provides a common communication and network between many smart devices developed with the Internet of Things technology. The company aims to provide a common control center for managing smart devices developed and will continue to make improvements that will make people’s lives easier.


“Samsara” is a company that makes a name for itself in the fields of vehicle tracking, power monitoring and intelligent monitor systems. This company, which also works as a GPS tracking, monitor and module developer, is among the companies that have succeeded in branding the Internet of Things technology.

Azure Internet of Things Remote Monitoring

Protect your projects from hazards with pre-designed scenarios. With Azure IoT remote monitoring, many innovations have entered our lives. At the beginning of your project, would you like to know what you can do in the worst scenarios?

IoT Suite Remote Monitoring

Thanks to the azure iot monitoring system, faulty production or failures cannot harm your business. If the scenarios you create by carefully examining the steps of the project you want to improve are real, the systems in your business follow the steps you have determined. With the IoT Suite Remote Monitoring application, you can access your personalized scenarios and make business improvements. thus, projects designed at high costs become ready for any situation.