The life we are living is far more away from the life that we live at the beginning of this century. The physical environment has changed as well as human habits due to the changes caused by constant technological development and innovation. IoT, Internet of Things, is also a relatively new development that changes the way we live in drastically.

We use IoT devices in our daily life, healthcare, security, etc. However, since these devices created a new space which is vulnerable to threats. But IoT access control mechanism began to spread to protect the devices which are connected to internet from the cyber threats. Access control for IoT devices is an extremely important issue because all the private data, state data and company data are being held and transferred through the IoT devices.

This important role of IoT devices in our life creates a big threat, too. Since cyberspace is relatively a new area of relations, nobody or no authority can certainly provide security for the devices that are connected to internet. We witnessed numerous cases of hacker activity, cyber terrorism or control of personal devices through viruses in the last two decades. These are not just a threat for an individual but also for states, companies and organizations.

Need for Defence for IoT

IoT for Defence
IoT for Defence

All the cyberspace illegal activities raised concerns on security in a general way. The state began to take cybersecurity as one of their main concerns about world politics. This situation created a demand for security and new companies were established to supply this demand. There are lots of companies that provide defence through IoT devices.

IoT for defence is a new industry that is growing drastically as the years past. All of our properties and IoT devices are now being preserved by IoT devices again. IoT in defence sector has lots of actors that all provide security in different areas from house protection to protecting the data which are backed up to the clouds.

What is Access Control?

IoT Defence
IoT Defence

Access control is a security method that regulates who or what can view, use or interfere in resources in a digital space or environment. It is important because it is the only way to protect the devices from cyber threats and is also important for states, companies and organizations which want to reduce the risk of an attack to their digital systems.

How to Provide Access Control Through IoT Devices

Access Control for IoT
Access Control for IoT

IoT for defence has to normal security mentality. They initiate to secure by defining every device that is in the same network and IoT security system identifies them from their IP address. Thus, the IoT in defence area is made by first determining who can enter the door and who should be stopped. The rule is the same for both physical and digital IoT security.

There are two types of IoT security; physical security and digital security. The physical IoT security exists in houses, buildings, campuses and private rooms. This physical system detects the people or the things that should not enter the building or campus and prevent it autonomously. Digital security provides IoT access control by identifying each device that is connected to the same internet network.

IoT Security Companies

IoT Access Control
IoT Access Control

There are numerous security companies that are born due to the demand for security against the cyber and physical threat to our lives. These companies provide security through IoT and secure the IoT devices, too. Here are some big companies that function in the IoT defence:


This company is established in 2015 but received considerable attention after they discovered a device that attacks vectors through Bluetooth, Blueborne. Nowadays, they have the security control of more than 4 million IoT devices. The company offers modest IoT in defence technology against the modest cyberthreats.


This company mainly gives service in the protection of radios that are connected to internet. They also used the term Internet of Radios for the area they work on. Bastille’s technology can be used to diminish the attacks and spot rogue devices. The company’s core engineering office is in Atlanta, US.


This company mainly provides security for the industry sector and assist managers of these companies to protect their works, projects and data from the cyberattacks. The Israeli based company also enables secure remote access for third parties such as industrial control systems equipment vendors through its new secure remote access platform.


This company main area of working is drones. The company detects the drones that violate the aviation rules through flying above airports, military bases, public spaces and industrial places. The company which is specialized in a niche area of working providing security for states, organizations and companies which want to secure their projects and facilities from drone attacks.


Mcafee started its career as a part of intel and designed to provide security to IoT devices in a digital environment and assure that connected devices are working smoothly and prevent the cyberattacks automatically. The company offers a range of products for different IoT applications from personal usage to company usage.


This company is famous for its framework Metasploit, a well-known penetration framework. They work on IoT security practices and provide technology to discover new threats against the devices and take the precautions.


EY provides security on cybersecurity threats to IoT devices and networks. The company provides security both in personal and organization or company scale. To sum, EY is a famous company with its activities and new IoT security practices.

New Security Era

We are now living in a world in which a new area of struggle is invented, cyberspace. This area is relatively new to every actor; states, companies, individuals. So, their new area of security is born, IoT in defence sector to provide security for IoT devices. The access control in IoT, in the digital world, is the new type of security.  IoT access control is being protected by IoT devices and this shows the importance of IoT for defence industry.


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We invite you to explore the new security and defence era in the world. What is IoT in defence or IoT for defence? What is IoT access control?