IoT, or Internet of Things, whatever you want to say. It began to appear in all aspects of life. Especially with the developing technology, we started to need such ‘smart’ systems. We call it smart because these systems are specially designed to make people’s lives easier. Designed to respond to everyone’s different needs instantly.

Think of everything you use in your daily life. Your watch, phone, kitchen appliances, bathroom and many more. With IoT technology, all of our applications start to connect to WiFi in turn. This way, you can easily take control with your commands, anywhere in your home or outdoors.

IoT in distribution
IoT in distribution

The world goes so far that every object is now connected to Internet control. This increases productivity in daily life. For example, you left home and do not remember whether you unplugged the iron. Thanks to IoT technologies, you can immediately disconnect the power supply from an application on your phone and ensure your safety. If you are wondering what other innovations are in this developing technology, please read the article.

IoT in Distribution

Currently, supply chains are experiencing very high innovations. Like any company, distribution companies follow and develop IoT innovations. One of these companies, Gartner, announced that they will take the iot in distribution to a much higher level in 2020. Supply chains in such firms are quite long and comprehensive. Therefore, they need to use IoT technology at the most advanced level. Iot in distribution industry has a very important place. Because every company has to make the right analysis and make quick decisions. The use of this technology is particularly important in distribution vehicles. IoT technologies are of great importance in terms of vehicle capacity and efficiency. With IoT technologies that provide information until the maintenance of the equipment, time is now more efficient and effective.

IoT in distribution industry
IoT in distribution industry

Developing technology also helps companies in this regard. It instantly informs people through the application and transmits the necessary instructions. Dozens of issues such as equipment performance, customer turnaround times and stock availability are handled optimally through IoT technologies.

About International IoT Distribution

International IoT Distribution is a provider of first-class quality and, of course, certified products. They also produce IoT devices. Purchasing processes are very important for businesses. This organization produces technologies to help companies manage this process in the most optimal way. International IoT Distribution is a company that has emerged entirely as a natural result of the demands of the companies. In addition, they provide the necessary support and maximum efficiency to the companies with the IoT solutions they develop.

International IoT distribution
International IoT distribution

IoT Data Storage

In this topic, we will explain how IoT systems are used in data storage and how they effectively benefit us.

IoT systems are highly developed. For this reason, it is possible to find IoT in every field used. IoT is a network of devices that collect, organize and store information. Iot data storage is often controlled and stored on applications in mobile phones.

IoT Data Storage phase is very important. Storage is a highly developed IoT technology in terms of data security and reliability. This storage system is generally used by IoT companies. They use it to compare the status of their data and make their analysis accurate. Of course, while storage, the privacy of companies is very important. IoT systems are aimed at keeping user security and privacy at the highest level while storing. Very prevents loss and ensures maximum work efficiency.

IoT data storage
IoT data storage

This stored data continues to be stored in a edge of the system. By using various algorithms, these data can be combined or compared under the necessary conditions and promises to provide information to the companies and ensure optimum work efficiency. Storage for iot is a system that progresses and accumulates cumulatively.

IoT Cloud Storage Platforms

IoT cloud system is a system that provides the necessary data analysis to the company authorities. Each company usually has a business analyst or data analyst. IoT cloud performs these tasks exactly. It gives administrators information about the operation of the system and allows comparative analysis of data. In this way, companies understand how to work more efficiently and effectively. We can also mention it as a tipper and error prevention system.

IoT cloud storage
IoT cloud storage is a software provider company based in San Francisdo. This company launched IoT cloud in 2015. Through IoT Cloud, the company’s security and business efficiency has increased exponentially. Today there are many areas and platforms where IoT cloud is used. Here are a few examples of IoT cloud storage platforms:

  • Microsoft Azure IoT Suite: With this platform, the profitability and efficiency of companies or organizations can be measured. It also offers the possibility of comparison with the storage feature. In addition, it analyzes new data entering the system and acts as a business analyst. You can see and analyze your data entries in real time. Safe and effective system.
  • Google Cloud’s IoT Program: This program provides the most advanced and most effective IoT service to date. It collects all your IoT data in one place and allows multiple analyzes. This allows you to store all your data on a single platform. It allows you to manage jobs quickly and with maximum efficiency. You may also be interested in being more affordable than other systems..
  • AWS IoT Platform: Amazon has developed this platform. Amazon’s contributions to IoT technologies are already known to everyone. It is a system that allows sending data to cloud systems and storing this data easily. It provides instant analysis and analysis of data. One of the most important features of this platform is that it is ready to use offline. It is possible to perform analysis even when offline.
  • Kaa IoT Platform: This platform is generally used by the world of finance. Cost analysis and risk measurements are performed. By storing the data, it aims to minimize the risk ratios in the coming years. It is an easy-to-install platform that is easy to install and can be used immediately.
  • Oracle Iot Platform: Generally, it is a platform preferred by companies from the business world. Because the main purpose of this platform is to assist company managers in critical decision-making stages. By comparing the previously collected data and the instant data, it supports managers or decision makers in the necessary processes. Increases work efficiency and capacity considerably.

Storage & Distribution Application IOT Companies

Iot in distribution is of great importance.Iot data storage should also be used for job security and efficiency.Of course if an efficient experience is desired.