Today, the Internet of Things technology has reached its peak. Preferred by many people, these technological smart devices improve people’s living standards and quality of life. There are many projects developed to facilitate the activities and tasks of people in daily life. People have started using these smart devices for safe living space and healthy life. Smart devices and applications developed with the Internet of Things technology are designed according to the needs of people. So people entered the technological age.

The Internet of Things technology enables communication between each other by means of communication protocols of smart devices. Smart devices have personalized internet networks. These smart devices also provide information to the user through a personalized internet network. Many new smart projects have been developed from the day people are made available.

What is Connected Home?

The connected home means the same as the smart home. The connected home technology includes smart devices, devices designed with high technology. New smart home technology is developing every day. These smart homes, which aim to provide safer and more efficient energy-saving for users, are preferred by many people nowadays.

The question “what is connected home” can now be answered by many people. The smart automation system for smart homes allows you to control and monitor your home via a smart phone. With smart home automation systems, you can also do heat adjustment, lighting adjustment. you can control all of these with a button. Security systems developed for smart homes can take snapshots of your home for you and transfer them to you via smart phone. You can also save energy by using smart home automation systems. These opportunities have encouraged people to use smart home applications.



Connected Home Devices

Smart devices developed for connected homes devices make people’s lives easier in many areas. Almost all of these smart devices have a technology that is controlled via the smartphone.

Smart Voice Assistant

Connected home technology is still developing. Forgotten appointments and forgotten alarms are no longer available thanks to smart audio assistant. Based on the internet of things technology, this intelligent sound assistant assists you with your daily life tasks with sensors. This smart voice assistant, which can also connect with other smart devices in your smart home, also gets help in Bluetooth technology. You can able to control your other smart devices in your smart home with the smart voice assistant.



Smart Screen for Smart Homes

Thanks to this smart display mounted on the wall, you can control all the systems in your home. With this smart control screen, which has an aesthetic design, you can control your lighting systems, heating and cooling systems with its touch screen.



Smart Security Cameras for Smart Homes

Internet of things technology the most important working area is security. In the field of security, many applications have been developed by analyzing the demands of users. Whether you’re at home or away from home, you can monitor your home via your smartphone with the developed smart camera. So you can secure your home and your valuables. The smart camera is the ideal innovation for anyone who wants a safe living space.

Smart Homes are Always Safe

Among the connected home products, the most preferred devices and applications are in the field of security. With this device, which is sold under the name of a smart doorbell, you can communicate with the foreigners coming to your home in a visual and audible way and ensure the security of your home and family. The images of the smart bell have high quality and resolution features.

Smart Home Heating and Cooling Systems

People work at an intense pace today. they want to rest when they come home. this need for rest has significantly increased smart home preferences. People are very happy with the possibilities of smart home applications. People are very happy to take control of all their jobs with a single touch. With smart home heating and cooling systems, you can control the temperature of your home with a single button.




Connected Home Companies

There are many world-famous companies that develop smart home projects. These companies are sometimes in competition and sometimes they are in a joint operation. As a result, in both cases, they develop a project for people to lead a more comfortable life. Here are the world-renowned connected home companies known by everyone.


“Amazon”, which has achieved many innovations in its structure until today, is the most preferred company in smart home applications and devices. With the smart microwave oven they offered for sale last year, they have produced another smart device preferred by many people. “Amazon”, which increases its value by producing “Alexa” based smart devices, continues to grow every year. In the case of smart home apps, the “Amazon” is the Internet of objects and the pioneers of the smart home industry, with many popular apps and devices to browse and research. Don’t forget to check Amazon connected home products.


“Nest” is one of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to smart home products. Smart thermostats, smoke detectors, security systems, smart bells, smart locks are some of the projects designed under “Nest”. “Nest”, one of the pioneers of the word “smart”, enters people’s lives, creates a safer living space for people. With the Nest connected home application, users can able to control the smart system that sets in their homes.


The smart home automation system developed by “Apple” has a specific name, “HomeKit”. “HomeKit” can be controlled by smartphones or tablets which smart home automation system “Apple”. With the smart devices developed within “Apple”, you can bring many popular smart home applications to your home. To use “HomeKit” smart home automation, you don’t need a separate device to use as a hub. Apple home connected automation have smart systems that work according to your scenarios. If you prefer your smart devices to work according to your pre-defined scenarios when you come to your home, you should take a look at “HomeKit” smart home automation systems.