There are countless devices in all areas of our lives such as in our kitchen, bedroom, livingroom, schools, hospitals, cars, airports, and many many more. With the development of today’s technology, the expansion of the use of these devices and the connection of the devices to each other for data transferring, analyzing and analyzing the problems as well as the need for quick solutions is increasing. Amazon web services iot platform and iot platform are the most valid reason to resolve these issues and increase business efficiency.

amazon iot
amazon iot

Amazon web service iot provides detailed and comprehensive help from the end to the amazon iot cloud by creating IoT content solutions on many devices. One of the good things about this system is that it has a structure that is compatible with amazon iot services. It can maintain functionality even without connectivity. Besides, you can create secure passwords and get the most comprehensive detailed security features so you can get instant access to security problems to solve.

What Are The Reasons for Using AWS IoT?

By the day, the use of a technological device is increasing and with it, some problems occur too. So why should I use amazon web service IoT? Because it offers comprehensive and solutional IoT services ranging from the extreme to the cloud. Device software created by Amazon FreeRTOS and AWS IoT Greengrass includes easy Service designated for local data classification, collection, and analysis. On the Cloud Server, amazon iot services are the only vendor that offers more analytical services to you with the option of filtering data management with richer and analyzed content.

Amazon web services iot platform
Amazon web services iot platform

It has a multi-stage sheltered security layer. It includes data protection mechanisms for encryption and the processing of device data. Besides, AWS IoT provides continuous support and protection services for the protection and configuration of security data. AWS and AI Integration are among the things we need to know as in addition to the fact that the smart devices you use can run 2 times faster and transfer data thanks to cloud technology. In this way, the solution to possible problems is accelerated and becomes easier.

Amazon Dash Button and More

In the simplest sense, it is a programmable button but how does it work? With Wi-Fi, the device is easily configurable. The main principle of the amazon dash button iot is to encode the device in the Cloud System so that when you press the button, you can configure it to count and track specified items, start or turn things off, call someone or send a warning. For example in amazon iot button, you will be able to remotely control any device in your home, call your partner or someone else, and know the scarcity or multiplicity of materials in your home.

Amazon Dash Button
Amazon Dash Button

For everyday household chores, with iot kit amazon may be your maid, for example; as a key to your smart bulb, comfortably use smart home cleaning robots in routine work, turning on a coffee machine, or integrating with your company’s apps. You can control your future as an ideal IoT assistant to make your life easier as an ideal option for many functional things that are not yet in our minds.

Use and Operation

For the use of AWS IoT button, you first need an AWS account. The opening of the account is very easy. After that, you need to connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Then you have configured your device here and you need to pair the button with AWS IoT Core Certificate. With AWS IoT Core, you can activate any command you configure with one button. Functionally you have 3 options:

  • 1 press,
  • 2 press,

or press with a long-term button you can define your options as desired.

Besides, you need to download the mobile app from ios or android phones to perform your operation with smartphone support. In the application you downloaded, the required codes and resources are automatically created for you and you do not need to take any further action. The Lambda schema acts as an event source for the button you activate. Later, previously configured Lambda content schemas allow you to automatically connect to optional functions that best suit you, such as distributing and managing e-mail or SMS and other AWS content services.

And Amazon Echo IoT…

The amazon echo iot, known as the voice-controlled device, is the most popular hands-free smart speaker your voice can control. You can use the Amazon Echo to control smart home lights or control your devices with more functional content.

  • It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support.
  • You can connect comfortably with the internet or smartphone apps.
Amazon Echo IoT
Amazon Echo IoT

Amazon Echo is not only a speaker that doesn’t respond to the commands you give with a robotic voice but also it is a smart device because it works with the command and appeals to the whole voice-driven. You can follow the news, learn about the weather, set up alarms, order food and many more by checking with your voice. The device is cylinder-shaped and has 4 operation buttons on it.

These are:

  • volume on and off,
  • operation button,
  • microphone off button.

Introduction to DevOps with AWS

In general, DevOps is a combination of advanced tools that increase the ability of organizations to perform their content and services more quickly and faster than other institutions that use traditional way development and resource management processes. This increased speed helps institutions to provide better services to their customers and to effectively use their balance in the market.

Generally, two teams are combined under a single team that one is on the teamwork through the entire life cycling of an application, from development and testing to deployment and operation, and acquire a range of skills that are not constrained by a single function too.

DevOps with AWS
DevOps with AWS

In most DevOps, the quality structure and point of review are everything and they happen under the supervision of operations teams throughout their life. If everyone in a DevOps team is focused on safety, it’s called DevSecOps.

The main purpose of these teams is to provide prompt solutions and enable faster and faster operations. It provides great success in increasing processing time by making operations such as code retrieval and infrastructure search independent.



Amazon Web Service IoT Core Platform

Amazon Web Service IoT Core Platform has started to produce numerous devices to increase business efficiency.