The technologies that we know only from science fiction films in the recent past and which we cannot imagine in real life take place in every aspect of our lives. Although it is sometimes difficult to follow or get used to, these technologies, which we easily adapt to, provide us with ease and savings in many areas of life.

If someone told you 30 years ago that you could remotely control lighting, security, devices, and activities in your home with a single control system, would you believe it? Even if you would, could you visualize it?

IoT Technology, aka Internet of Things Technology, can simply be defined as the sharing of data by specific devices within a specific communication protocol. It first entered our lives in 1999 with Kevin Ashton’s presentation and enhanced its efficiency with each passing day.

IoT Technology, which we have seen in many areas such as transportation, sports, security, agriculture, energy, industry, has also changed many things in our daily lives.

The System that Enables Our Smart Devices to Communicate with Each Other: Home Automation Using Internet of Things

Home Automation using Internet of Things
Home Automation using Internet of Things

One of the most used and demanded technologies today is Home Automation using Internet of Things. If you have a home automation system in your home, in other words, if your home is “smart”, you can control many home devices by using a single wireless system.

What are the Benefits of Home Automation using IoT?

IoT Home Automation
IoT Home Automation

All ideas created by Iot Technology have certain common aims. Benefits of Home Automation using IoT as follows;

  • Energy-saving
  • Data protection
  • Improvable and modular software
  • User-customizable service
  • Digital transformation

Home automation using IoT allows the user to easily manage safety, lighting, heating, safety and daily life at home. In doing so, it saves time, energy and money.

Smart Home Automation using IoT Provides Saving!

At this point, the importance of saving time should be emphasized. In these days when almost all of us are constantly trying to make it some place or there isn’t enough time for anything, thanks to smart home automation using IoT and home devices, it is possible to maintain the order of the house even when you are not at home.

Let’s save the planet in a “smart” way with IoT Home Automation!

The second important point we need to focus on is energy saving. We are wasting world’s resources day by day, and IoT home automation solutions and smart houses can help us with this.

How to Use Internet of Things Home Automation?

Home Automation using IoT
Home Automation using IoT

Those who have not yet started to use the Internet of Things home automation system have many questions in their minds. How will I get used to it? Is it easy to use? Which brand should I choose? Is it safe?

Well, first of all, you need to make a plan about which parts of your home you want to use home automation system and which skills you need. Also, of course, you need to have a Wi-Fi connection in your home.

Then, you will have several brand options to buy. Nowadays, Apple’s Home App, Amazon Echo, and Google Assistant are the most preferred options. Internet of Things home automation software is designed for users to use easily. But, of course, each brand has different usage options and designs.

With a quick internet research, you can review the most frequently complained topics by looking at the user reviews of each brand.

Setting up a new smart home is not something that can happen very quickly. It will take time to plug in all the devices, connect them correctly and set them to your own preferences.

Home Automation Features List

Home Automation Features List
Home Automation Features List

It is possible to control the entire house from your seat with only one remote control thanks to smart houses. So, let’s explain home automation features list. What can you control with a remote?

Smart homes not only make your life easier, but they also guarantee your safety. In fact, the possibilities offered by smart home technology are gathered under 5 general titles. These;

1) Home automation

It controls curtains, valves, lights, garage doors, and so on.

2) Alarm system

It controls door pickups, alarms, sirens and motion sensors to create a safer home for you.

3) Camera system

It consists of image sensors and recorders that control the interior and exterior of your home.

4) Sound System

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5) Heat Systems

Let’s give a few examples of the capabilities of smart homes for a clearer understanding. Smart homes can ventilate the house or turn off the air conditioner while you are away. It can turn lights or curtains on and off according to the light in the house. They can cut off any electricity from any socket in the house at any time.

They can water your garden by checking the moisture condition of your soil. When someone is approaching the house while you are away, it can give the impression that someone is at home. In the morning, they can switch on the coffee machine or adjust the temperature of the water in the bathroom before you wake up.

They can take maximum security measures as soon as you leave the house.

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IoT Based Home Automation Using Arduino

IoT-based home automation using Arduino
IoT-based home automation using Arduino

Arduino is a physical programming platform consisting of a development environment that includes an implementation of the Processing / Wiring language. There are various cards and modules designed to produce solutions for different needs. Thus, it allows you to develop your project according to your own.

Systems which are IoT-based home automation using Arduino are available. They work in coordination with Arduino so you will not have any problems.


Home Automation IoT Devices

One of the most used and demanded technologies today is Home Automation using Internet of Things. If you have a home automation system in your home, in other words, if your home is “smart”, you can control many home devices by using a single wireless system.