The rapid development of technology in the last decades changes the world in a way that is far beyond the horizon. Thus, the life of today is different from life ten years before then. If you were to ask what has changed the world this much, the answer would probably be the increasing usage of IoT in most aspects of our lives. This change which is triggered by IoT has led numerous threats and it created a security demand for IoT devices. The Carriots IoT Platform is designed to help companies, businesses and institutions to improve their business and efficiency by controlling their IoT devices, by providing safe transfer of information among IoT devices and cloud and by bringing solutions to the problems of these customers by using AI and other technologies.

What is IoT?

IoT, Internet of Things, refers to the system in which the tools, vehicles and machines interconnect with each other through internet and don’t necessitate and physical human interference. Once you set up the system, the system runs automatically to meet the needs. Basically, IoT is a machine to machine system which gives the machine’s autonomy to function according to the needs. Today, we use IoT devices in most aspects of our life from house safety, car locking to in global financial systems, business corporations and state institutions. Thus, it is important to have IoT platforms to control all the devices that are connected to the system. Moreover, it is actually necessary for investors and business owners to have these IoT platforms to run their businesses in a compatible way with time.

carriots iot platform
carriots iot platform

What is Carriots IoT Platform?

Carriots IoT platform is one of the IoT platforms which is designed to control the IoT devices in the businesses and institutions and to make their businesses compatible with the innovative world by providing assistance on the efficiency of the work and on the latent issues by using AI and other IoT technologies.

Carriots is a smart Platform as a Service (PaaS), functions in a machine to machine way and doesn’t necessitate any human interruption after the system is set up. It is also established by Altair Engineering.

What Does Carriots Do?

Carriots has a four-staged working mechanism in helping a business to find solutions to its problems. First stage is the data analysis stage. The investors who want to develop their business by innovation gives the data to the Carriots IoT platform after it is set up to the system. After the data on business is given to the Carriots platform, the Carriots begins to analyze the data and try to detect the problems, obstacles and other latent issues in the business operation process. In the second stage, Carriots tries to find a solution to the problems that it detected in the first stage. It has its own mechanism to eliminate the methods which are not useful to the business. In the third stage, it approves the solution method which should be implemented on the business that decided in the second stage.

So, we see here that Carriots doesn’t leave the issue to the chance, it is a multi-check system that checks itself to present the best solutions. In the last part, the methods, tools, etc. are given to the business or the institution as a solid result from all of the stages. To sum, Carriots first detects the problems, then find solutions to the problems, after that It checks itself and in the last part it gives a solid method, tool, recommendation to the business to develop their businesses. With respect to this, we see how IoT devices contribute to innovation in the world without the interference of humans.

What are the Advantages of Carriots IoT Platform?

What makes these machines more trustable than humans? Why businesspeople invest according to the suggestions or methods of these IoT platforms? This happens because IoT devices proved that they are capable of numerous things that humans can’t do and they are also efficient in time. These are the general features of this type of platforms but what are the features of Carriots that make it more advantageous:

  • Carriots has an open architecture that enables it to work in collaboration with the third party machines. This enables it to find the best solution due to its wide data collection because of this feature and flexibility. This open architecture gives flexibility to Carriots to communicate IoT devices, collecting data and using it in the best way, including its partners.
  • The Carriots Platform can be controlled by a device that is connected to a remote controller. This feature enables you to watch what they are doing with your business. Also, Carriots is not bound by the check status and can change configurations.
  • Rules: Carriots has rule to apply in complex business scripts.
  • Carriots also has new triggers that push the data into the platforms and enables the usage of that data.
  • It can integrate with other AI and IT systems
  • System also has custom alarms when it faces a problematic situation during the innovation.

What is Altair Engineering?

Carriots IoT Platform
Carriots IoT Platform

Altair Engineering Inc. is an American based company that works on different aspects of life. The Michigan based company was founded by three investors; R Scapa, George Christ, and Mark Kistner. They have productions on the innovative technology of the 2010s. They have their names on more than ten projects in the field of innovation.

Carriots IoT Platform

These IoT systems run businesses and companies are the new innovation of today’s world. It is seen that even this rapid development and change is not enough to catch today’s innovative world. Thus, companies like Altair Engineering, are providing a smart Platform as a Service (PaaS), machine to machine way of communication and data analysis among IoT devices.

What is Carriots IoT Platform
What is Carriots IoT Platform

Carriots IoT platform represents the digital innovation age which is lead by IoT devices, hubs to control them and platforms to analyze them, detect their problems and solve them. Thus, they show that we are driving towards a further digitalized world.


Carriots IoT Platform

Carriots IoT Platform is a cloud-based service that provides security of companies’ iot devices.