Technology has been the main motor of changes in the world in the last couple of decades. The development and change in technology change the way the world runs. The last development in technology came in the field of IoT devices. Since IoT devices are created a new world, cyberspace which is vulnerable to all threats, there are some interconnectivity platforms which provides the data flow and the protection of the IoT devices that are identified in a certain business or institution group. Microsoft Azure IoT platform is one of the biggest platforms which provides the data flow and identification of IoT devices which were mentioned above.

What is IoT?

IoT is called as Internet of Things and refers to the devices that function manually or autonomously with an internet connection. The term is first used by Kevin Ashton in 1999 and IoT technology has improved far beyond visions since that day. IoT technology changed the world’s way of running in the last two decades. There was no interconnectedness between people of the world at the beginning of this century but now there is an increasing interconnectedness among the people in business, politics and etc.  via the interconnectivity of the IoT devices.

What is Microsoft Azure IoT Hub?

Since there are numerous IoT devices in business companies, institutions and other fields, there a demand for the control of these devices. Azure IoT hub is created to supply this demand. This Microsoft IoT hub is a service that enables the data flow between your IoT devices and enables mutual communication and preserved in the cloud. Azure and IoT technologies work connected to the hub and Azure IoT hub provides the telemetry from the device to cloud and data flow from the device to cloud. The hub is not one-sided, it also provides data transfer and connection from the cloud to the device, too. By the way, there is no need for code for these transfers and communication through Azure IoT.

Azure Iot hub
Azure Iot hub

How Does Microsoft Azure IoT Hub Works?

After you set the Microsoft Azure IoT platform up in your business or institution, you begin to control all the devices that are connected to Microsoft IoT hub and it provides the data transfers, communication, security and control of the devices which are connected to the hub. Here are the features that enable Azure IoT hub to control all the devices and communication:

  • It gives every device verification code and through these codes it enables the devices to connect to hub and control all these devices that are connected, safely.
  • It has full control over the devices, and you can check the connections of the devices.
  • It doesn’t have only one verification code, the Azure IoT hub has many verification codes to extinguish the probability of a mistake that may lead to cyberattacks. These are; SAS id verification system, X509 id verification system and X.509 C verification system for the standard recording operations.

This is how Microsoft IoT platform provides a service that enables you to control your devices in a safe way and to transfer data and provide communication among the devices which are connected to the Microsoft IoT.

Azure Iot
Azure Iot

Complimentary Parts of Microsoft to Azure Hub Platform

Microsoft Azure platform is not a sole platform. It has lots of complementary parts that enable further efficiency and security from the usage of Microsoft platforms for IoT devices. Thus, for a complete and more integrated mechanism, Microsoft offers some sub-platform as a subsidizer to Azure and IoT devices in the network. Here are some Azure IoT samples of Microsoft services ranging from Microsoft IoT Hardware to Azure IoT Dashboard:

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

Azure IoT Suite is the new innovation service of Microsoft to provide support to businesses and institutions in the fastest way. If you are an investor or already have a running business, Azure IoT Suite finds solutions for the latest issues in your business by using its fully functional features. Azure IoT Suite also has a remarkable speed. This system solves all your problems in minutes and solves the problems in your business. Azure also enables you to follow the whole progress by virtual devices that run in the cloud while they are fixing the problem. What Azure does is to provide you the best solutions according to your needs and latent issues. What you can do is to follow the Azure system fixing your business problems via its virtual devices. Azure enables you to fix the problems of your business without existing of a physical machine. To sum, Microsoft IoT solutions via Azure enables you to fix your business’ problem within minutes with its fully functional IoT system.

Microsoft Iot Hub

Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard

We gave information about what the Azure hub platform is, how it functions and what its advantages are. But how to use this platform? You can use the platform by downloading the Azure IoT Dashboard from Microsoft. After the download, set up the Azure IoT Dashboard to your computer. Now, you can begin to use Azure IoT platform and can control all your IoT devices through the application on your computer.

There are numerous Azure IoT samples such as Azure Event Grid, Azure Logic Apps and Azure Stream Analysis.

Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard
Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard

Areas of Usage of Microsoft Azure IoT Platform

Microsoft Azure IoT hub can be used in different areas from health to office buildings. The hub can be used in the track of the valuable assets in the healthcare, the track of expenditure in an office and in the track of industrial equipment. Thus, Microsoft IoT solutions are open to all business types from all working areas with their innovative platforms.

Azure Iot Hub
Azure Iot Hub

Microsoft Azure IoT Platform

Microsoft IoT platforms provide great easiness to the investors and business owners due to its system’s coordination with IoT devices. Azure and IoT devices are controlled through Microsoft IoT hub and provide wide ranges of services like Azure IoT hardware control and Microsoft IoT solutions to the problems in the business. Azure IoT hardware is also supported by other subcategories that we indicated in Azure IoT samples part.



Microsoft Azure IoT Hub Platform

The way to connect with technological devices in the workplace is now possible with the Microsoft Azure Iot Platform.