Keeping up with the globalizing world is becoming more difficult as the day passes. The Siemens company involved in this process created MinsSphere IoT, which is an industrial cloud system with low-cost Digital Enterprise software for companies in production with the 4.0 system. In the system created by 4.0, price sources in the current order follow the production system without human intervention, thus maximizing the financial advantages. In this process, the data during production is collected and recorded and calculated in real-time. Siemens Mindsphere IoT System plays an important role in the calculation of physical products in Cloud System and being more effective and rapid delivery to the market.

siemens iot
siemens iot

For industrial companies in the industry, Simens offers a security-enabled solution with a cloud technology with an infrastructure open to SAP HANA. This system provides approximately 3600x times the speed of analysis on applications. In particular, companies, customers, developers have to desire to be used to operate it will be able to make safe use of this open platform. Besides that, Siemens closely follows the process of processing for its customers by creating real data that exists in the production process and models that provide performance in the digital environment in its facilities.

MinsSphere IoT
MinsSphere IoT

Depending on the development of the internet, connected devices will increase numerically by the day. In addition to this, open-source software has a positive effect on the increasing number of users because it is easy and convenient to use. The open-source technology created by Arduino made electronic mass production efficient and simple. By keeping up with this technology, Siemens IoT platform is starting with industrial IoT and leading the way in its open-source systems, contributing to the growth of ever-evolving technology.

Advantages of Siemens IoT’s

  • Provides speed in structuring,
  • Powerful industrial IoT solutions,
  • Provides access to PaaS with cloud system control,
  • Provides a broad, secure connection between enterprise systems and the cloud system,
  • Provides strong analytical and industrial solutions,
  • Provides industrial common solution for the ecosystem.
Advantages of Siemens IoT's
Advantages of Siemens IoT’s

IoT 2040 Smart Gateway and More

Siemens IoT Gateway is a platform that helps buyers with the 2040 gateway to securely transmit data generated during production in the collection, processing and transfer process. This process provides an easy solution during adaptation and elaboration. This device works simultaneously with the cloud system and is compatible with the production gateway in the company’s database. Moreover, Siemens IoT 2040 is a cloud-based device and is designed to provide continuous operation service 24/7. Minimizes errors through communication with high-level ERP system and communication interface tasks of components at the automation prompt by combining the help, it provides a high amount of time to design. Another benefit of continuous data communication is that it keeps the optimization cycle controlled in its production.

Siemens ıot 2040
Siemens ıot 2040

Technical Information of the Device IoT 2040 Smart Gateway

  • Intel Quark X1020 (x86 400 MHz) with CPU Technology security)
  • System Memory Type: DDR3 RAM, SRAM
  • System Memory Capacity: 8 FLASH MB, 1 GB, 256 kB
  • Brand: Siemens
  • COM Port Speed: 10/100
  • COM port: number 2
  • COM Port type: Ethernet RJ45, Rs232/485 interchangeable
  • On Board I/O: Arduino connector
  • Media Interfaces: USB 2.0, USB Host & Client
  • Operating System: Arduino, Yocto Linux
  • Operating Temperature: 0-50C
  • Storage: SD Card
  • Extension: Arduino, mPCIe
  • Embedded Features RTC buffered battery, LEDs, security

SIMATIC IoT is not an IoT

The SIMATIC IoT 2000, an open platform thanks to emerging technology, is designed for the acquisition, processing, and transfer of data from its source in the generating environment. The SIMATIC IoT 2000 is an ideal gateway between the cloud system and the company that should be used for production stages. Siemens IoT 2000 can provide an interface service safely and also transfer the evaluated data from the cloud to production control. In these continuous changes, the production process is optimized and supported by communication protocols so it can offer high-level assistance in any subject.


Technical Information of the Device the SIMATIC IoT 2000

  • Use of the industry-standard voltage ranges
  • High-speed of suitable covers and resolving aid fastening materials like:

-included for deliveries

-and for Industrial designs

  • Suited for 0 … 55° C ambient temperature
  • Aidfull industrial functional processes
  • Developed and tested for 24/7 operation
  • The highest degree of variability for creating applications
  • With ARDUINO systems technologies
  • The module addressing via GPIOs allows the arbitrary selection of the programming language and development environment.

Siemens IoT Approach and Its Strategy

Siemens IoT strategy has been one of the pioneers of global change in general terms. The fact that it is a solution partner with both its knowledge and its customers has been one of the positive aspects affecting the development and growth of the company. In return for this support, it has ensured that its customers exist within its growth. Siemens is aware of its social responsibilities and is a protectionist against humanity, environment, and natural resources that it makes a great contribution to being ahead of other companies. Siemens ‘ strategic objective is to meet customer expectations with advanced technologies and new products and services. The desire to grow with excellent solution suggestions financial and spiritual support to meet and motivate the highest level of needs of the company employees who contribute to all activities of the companies.

Siemens IoT strategy
Siemens IoT strategy

For the development of Siemens IoT strategy, SAS and Siemens come together for analytical programs and solutions and formed a major partnership within AI. Through this partnership, technological companies have contributed greatly to the growth of SAS and open source analysis in the development of the Siemens’s IoT operating system with the impact of the MindSphere. As a result of this solution, an AI platform was created in the IoT field and special work was started to help meet the growing demands with analytical solutions. To give an example of these solutions, optimized performance speed and reducing the risk of error.

Siemens’s digitalization and industrial 4.0 (in additional to Siemens IoT products) thanks to its large supports in the field of IoT development, in the coming years, seems to be even more incremental. In particular, to be the use of amazon web services in the cloud system structure of the product, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud system hosting for Chinese customers, does not lose sight of what the partnership area does with leading companies.


Siemens Mindsphere IoT Platform

Siemens Mindsphere IoT Platform offers revolutionary solutions in the energy sector.