Industrial internet offers a new business policy to large enterprises. At the same time, the industrial internet has brought innovations to the global economy. The rate of use of the industrial internet is above the estimated. The foundation of the industrial internet is based on the more efficient operation of equipment and devices in enterprises independent of the consumer internet. Thus, possible problems can be recognized in advance. With this new understanding of the internet, businesses using the industrial internet have started to use smart devices that transfer data. According to research done today, the number of smart devices with the internet is increasing. that is, in 2020 an average of 50 billion devices will have their own internet network. Consequently, the number of smart devices is increasing rapidly and the products of this technology are used in the industry.

Industrial Internet with the Internet of Things

Internet of Things has a leading role in many areas, from home security to wearable technology. The results of this leadership also affect industrial applications. Today’s Internet of Things technology serves the individual and industry. There are many smart devices designed through the Internet of Things technology. These devices are preferred by people. Health, smart home automation, sports, wearable technology are a few examples of these areas. Industrial internet iot provides benefits for the company. Smart devices with their own communication protocols offer people more comfortable and safer living space.

Internet of things technology has many uses in industry. Instant controls, optimization, control applications of systems used in large enterprises are some of the examples that can be given to internet studies of objects in this field. These applications are provided in the industry with a consumer-independent internet. Used in the industry, IoT also provides precise measurements. These benefits improve businesses more in their fields. With a real-time monitoring system, possible problems can be avoided. Unexpected problem solved easily. Special communication and internet technology design a new operating principle for intelligent machines. In addition to all these benefits, a high-security workplace is created.


Using IoT is Changing the Waste Industry
Using IoT is Changing the Waste Industry


Industrial IoT Applications

Internet of Things technology has created many innovations with applications developed by humanity in many areas. Safe houses, after economically efficient financial benefits and next, is industry…

Smart Systems

The most widely used system among industrial IoT applications is the smart transport system. Smart traction and management systems are the product of the Internet of Things the most important and common technology used in the industry. This technology is most preferred in the manufacturing industry. The most important element for a manufacturing company is raw materials. With the intelligent conveying system, raw materials, finished products, ready-to-produce products are stored safely and automatically and transported within the production area. With this smart transportation system, the company gains benefits in many areas. Businesses who prefer this intelligent transport system developed through the Internet of Things provides energy and personnel economics.



Smart Maintenance System

Industrial enterprises are required to have regular device maintenance to avoid damage. These maintenance activities are very important for the company. This is even more important for businesses with high costs of machines. Enterprises that do not perform regular maintenance will suffer financial damage. In this case, the production process of these enterprises slows down. Huge companies prefer smart maintenance systems to save damage. The smart maintenance system, which performs maintenance checks of high-cost industrial machines at intervals determined by the employees, is widely preferred. Smart maintenance system extends the service life of industrial machines. Thus the industrial enterprise saves once again.

Safe Mine Site with IIoT

The use of the Internet of Things technology in the industry has led to many positive innovations. There are rich mineral resources in many parts of the world. The mining sector is a sector that will never die unless the resources are exhausted. There are many world-famous companies working in the mining industry. These world-famous companies create many products for humanity by processing different resources. These world-famous companies, which process different resources in the mining industry have a common feature. This common feature is a system developed with the Internet of Things technology.

Unfortunately, there have been some accidents in the mining industry from past to present. The most dangerous aspect of these accidents is the inhalation of toxic gas. Safe mining application, which is one of the applications developed by the internet of objects technology for the industry, provides the possibility of taking precautions in advance for possible accidents. The smart mine security system has been developed to provide protection applications such as directed to the protected area, toxic gas detection, and early warning system when an unexpected mine accident occurs. The security provided by industrial IoT applications should also be investigated and preferred by industrial enterprises.



Industrial Internet of Things Solutions

Industrial IoT solution increases the efficiency of the enterprise. There are many innovations that industrial IoT solutions offer for businesses. With these innovations, companies develop. These development processes have multiple steps. Industrial enterprises wishing to develop must first have the necessary maintenance system. These maintenance systems are designed with IoT solutions. The intelligent maintenance system, which is the most important step of industrial internet applications, can predict the failure probability of the machines and ensure high-quality production. Production is provided at any time of the day in high technology enterprises. Intelligent maintenance systems provide maintenance without interfering with production. With smart maintenance systems that do not interfere with production, the company saves money in many areas.

There are also IoT solutions that offer production classification and customer-oriented operation. The process of preparation of raw material for production and its introduction to the market is controlled and managed through the developed supply chain application. This smart system that manages the company’s organization network more securely and meticulously is one example of IoT solutions. This smart system makes the process of supplying raw materials easier. Thanks to this smart system, the transportation processes of raw materials and produced products can also be monitored. IoT industrial automation systems provide an easy optimization process with a supply chain application.



Industrial Internet Iot Applications

Let’s meet new IoT industrial automation systems which provide easier optimization processes with numerous applications.