How To Choose Best IoT Platform For Your Business Needs?

The Role of IoT Platforms in Business Life

With the advancement of IoT, IoT platforms have become more widespread in modern society. In this article, the definition of IoT platform, why it is necessary, what the platform can do, how to use it and the IoT benefits for business will be conveyed to you. Knowing the IoT platform, IoT beginners will understand the mechanism of the relevant platform and will benefit you in your future life.


Why Do We Need an IoT Platform?

First of all; we must define the IoT platform as follows:

Collecting “datas from objects (equipment such as cars, machines and engines) and extracting valuable information obtained by analyzing a large amount of data. This creates valuable “services“ through “software (IoT applications) and Iot business solutions these services to companies and people.

IoT benefits for business

IoT benefits for businessIoT connects things with the Internet to create unprecedented value. For example, by connecting smart speakers and IoT home devices, you can operate home devices by voice. However, the essence of IoT is to visualize and analyze information that has not been available as data by linking things and the Internet.

IoT doesn’t make sense by simply connecting something to the sensors. There is a need for a platform that collects and uses data from sensors. IoT platform becomes more valuable as service scale increases.

Features of IoT Platform

When doing IoT work, it is important to first understand the general IoT platform. IoT platform is a system that combines hardware, software, network and cloud infrastructure. Before mentioning the IoT benefits for business,  features of Iot platform are as follows:

1. Connection and Communication

It is a basic technology required for IoT, such as connectivity, communication and data transfer. There are a variety of communication methods, but the most appropriate communication method, such as easy connectivity and security, will vary depending on what the purpose is.


2. Security Requirement

Devices connected to the Internet are also at risk of infection. In the past, there were cases where IoT devices were actually exploited for cyber attacks by viruses. It is important to use a secure protocol when communicating with the device.

In addition, for security reasons, uploading data containing personal information to the Internet cloud should be avoided. In such a case, it is recommended to have a system on the terminal device that analyzes and collects only the results in the cloud.

3. Ease of use and access support

When the number is small as in IoT for small business;  IoT devices are easy to use, but if you have thousands of IoT devices, you should consider carefully whether they can be used in the same way and if they are applied safely. Therefore, choose a scalable platform that is easy to manage and does not vary in quality, even when connecting multiple devices.

Features of IoT Platform
Features of IoT Platform

The Role of IoT Platforms in Business Life

Companies have become important forces in the development of the IoT business solutions. The above examples are an approach that can be made thanks to global IT companies, but more and more companies are using IoT platforms from a completely different perspective. That’ s why you must use IoT for small business to keep up with developments.

For example, there are companies that try to differentiate by providing services that focus on the function of the IoT platform and companies that provide communication infrastructure for IoT. Some companies seem to be offering cloud services using inexpensive devices like Raspberry PI.

The IoT market is expanding and the IoT business is being developed in every field and industry. During the IoT era, there is a battle for platform leadership among cloud service companies. Microsoft’s movement among global cloud services is remarkable. As mentioned above, Microsoft provides functionality for IoT in the Azure ”cloud service.

IoT Platforms in Business Life
IoT Platforms in Business Life

Amazon also provides an IoT platform that includes APIs to connect with other applications in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud service. Amazon also has a strong presence in hardware, such as deploying the intelligent “Amazon Echo” speaker equipped with its AI assistant “Alexa”.

The following components required for the IoT platform have been prepared:

  • Collection Data,
  • Collection Processing,
  • Data Storage,
  • Data Analysis,
  • Control Device,

A preconfigured solution that performs general-purpose IoT scenarios such as remote monitoring, asset management, and predictive maintenance available

Internet of Things Technology in Business
Internet of Things Business Solutions

IoT Business Solutions for Your Business Needs

One of the most useful IoT benefits for business is Iot Platforms. You can use Iot for small businesses, and also in big businesses. Here are the most important Iot Business Solutions:

Microsoft Azure

The IoT platform provided by Microsoft Azure has a module function called “Azure Machine Learning”. This is a function of “Machine Learning” that analyzes data collected in the cloud using artificial intelligence and machine learning. In the case of a general IoT platform, the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning need to be created by themselves or connected to external services, but it appears that they can all be used on the IoT platform provided by Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

You can use AWS resources and features to connect and manage data from IoT devices to the AWS cloud. This service helps you connect securely. SDK that supports fast and easy connectivity of hardware devices and mobile applications Gat Device Gateway allows you to communicate securely and efficiently between devices and AWS IoT. Provides mutual authentication and encryption on all ports.

AWS Amazon Web Services
AWS Amazon Web Services

Android Things (Google)

AndroidThings software is the system developed by Google for the IoT Platform of objects. Google, which successfully develops and brings the existing Android development tools, APIs, resources and community to Google, seems to be one of the future operating systems for various industrial applications with Android Things.

Android Things Google
Android Things Google

IBM Watson IoT Platform

It is a fully cloud-based managed service that makes it easy to create value from IoT devices. Device registration, connectivity, control, and fast visualization and storage of data from IoT are available. It aims to speed up analysis applications, visualization dashboards, mobile applications and even applications.

IBM Watson IoT Platform
IBM Watson IoT Platform

FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 IoT Platform

It collects various sensor data from people and things and transfers real-time events associated with applications. It is an IoT based platform service that makes the transaction. Performs query and event processing using the NOSQL database that supports various data formats.


How To Choose Best IoT Platform For Your Business Needs

Be aware of IoT benefits for business and explore IoT business solutions to grow your business up

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