3 Best IoT Applications For Smart Cities

IoT Applications For Smart Cities

With the rapid increase in the world’s population, people living in cities are increasing. In addition, migration from the village to the city increases the population of the city and causes significant changes.

The increasing population of the city makes it necessary to find solutions that improve people’s quality of life. Technology and the Internet of things are closely related to this situation. With the increase in the population, it is necessary to manage the cities using technology and create projects that solve the problems of the people.

People-oriented projects should be developed for more livable and more sustainable cities. If we explain the concept of a smart city, it is to find solutions to the city problems by using the internet of things and to improve the quality of human life.

The application of iot in smart city enables these solutions to be found. Using ICT and IoT, life in cities is made more efficient. In addition, smart cities not only improve the quality of human life, but also ensure the development of cities. IoT aims to find solutions to the basic problems of cities such as traffic, energy, drinking water, security and transportation.

In order to establish a smart city infrastructure and to find suitable solutions to the problems, it is necessary to collect and analyze the data thoroughly. Thus, thanks to the application of iot in smart city, people will live better quality and cities will develop faster. Since we have mentioned the necessity of smart cities, we can examine IoT solutions.

Smart City IoT Applications

Applications in smart cities mostly consist of infrastructure, traffic, cleaning, smart buildings and so on. Despite the increase in population density, human quality of life will not decrease thanks to these projects. It is necessary to use technology in a beneficial way for the survival of the world. These smart solutions created by technology should continue to increase.

By studying three best iot applications for smart cities, you can recognize the importance of the Internet of Things in cities.

1-Smart Infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure
Smart Infrastructure

Today, thanks to the compatibility of the construction sector with technology, intelligent infrastructures have begun to emerge. Developed countries carry out projects that create safe buildings and roads with intelligent infrastructure systems.

Developing countries started to move on this path after seeing positive results. IoT projects are also used in the field of architecture to increase project costs and quality. We can understand the effect of iot in cities from smart building formations.

City lighting is also an important issue for efficiency. By switching to smart bulbs, both financial savings and energy wastefulness are prevented. One of the most important issues in the use of iot in architecture and infrastructure is the use of smart grids.

Smart building projects are also included in this category. Smart buildings make human life more comfortable. Intelligent buildings make heating, cooling settings. It examines the level of occupancy of the interior in these adjustments. It also saves light.

2-IoT in traffic and transportation

IoT in traffic and transportation
IoT in traffic and transportation

Traffic has an important place in people’s life. Sometimes a traffic jam can make your whole day stressful. Most people suffer from this condition. In this regard, the use of technology will both improve the quality of life and save time.

Smart traffic lights can be a very good solution to this situation. Using artificial intelligence, the long wait at the traffic lights can end. Thus, environmental pollution and fuel wastefulness are prevented. IoT application for smart cities is also very important in solving traffic problems.

Applications such as Bluetooth Based Traffic Analysis System and Dynamic Junction Control System are the projects that demonstrate the harmonious operation of technology and traffic. In addition to all the benefits of the Internet of Things in Transportation, the most important thing is that it provides safe driving.

Parking is one of the biggest problems outside the traffic. It takes a lot of time and fuel to find a parking space. In addition, the environmental damage of that fuel is very high. Technology also finds a solution. Sensors are placed in all car parks and there is empty parking space.

This is done through the mobile application. A mobile application integrates navigation systems and learns about free parking spaces. Thus, energy efficiency is provided. It also relieves people psychologically and reduces their stress levels.

Another example is smart traffic applications that detect vehicles and pedestrians on different roads by recognizing the traffic jam due to accidents or climate.

3-Environmental Cleaning and IoT Applications

Environmental Cleaning and IoT Applications
Environmental Cleaning and IoT Applications

The effect of objects on the internet was investigated by searching and sensing the garbage volume data on the internet. Garbage cans waste collection system was established. For example, it can automatically detect the amount of garbage in trash cans equipped with sensors.

It can store more garbage than usual. Municipalities can also be informed. Optimal routes for garbage collection every day can be optimized according to the condition of traffic and trash cans.

The determination of waste collection routes is also in this category.

In Canada, garbage trucks work with natural gas. Waste is used for the production of natural gas.

Projects for smart cities are quite high. Research on the internet of things is required.

Today there are cities talking about their projects. In Singapore, for example, cameras are installed in every corner of the city and certain checks are performed. Cigarette control, cleaning control, traffic control is done.

Barcelona, on the other hand, draws attention to traffic shortages within the scope of a smart city. It uses the internet of things in cities with the help of sensors. Smart street lights, sockets, parking systems are used.

It is aimed to prevent environmental pollution, distorted urbanization and the use of wasteful energy resources through smart cities. It aims to achieve these by using technology and integrating objects into the concept of the Internet.

Smart city iot applications are the main point of the realization of these projects. Building smart cities give us a more livable world and a healthy environment for future generations.


3 Best IoT Applications For Smart Cities

The application of iot in smart city enables these solutions to be found. Using ICT and IoT, life in cities is made more efficient.

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