How to Choose Best IoT Cloud Services?

Iot and cloud computing

​​​​​​​The question of “How to choose the best iot cloud platforms?” is one of the most popular dilemmas among today’s internet users. Before that, let’s find out what is the IoT? Any device that we think in any possibility is connected to other devices via the internet is called the IoT (Internet of the things).

This word was first used by Kevin Ashton in 1999. In later years, with the development of internet infrastructure, more and more IoT content products and concepts are come out. In general, mobile phones and tablets in the IoT system converge and share data between each other thanks to a large network system.

Iot cloud platforms
Iot cloud platforms

But for that, these devices need applications that require the use of iot cloud computing system to information exchange and other functions can be done smoothly.

So What Is The IoT Cloud Computing And How It Works?

In a technological sense, cloud storage can be likened to a hard drive which is located on an internet network. This means that we can securely copy and store our files in a computer or any device, and access them seamlessly from anywhere on earth through any device we want.

Besides, one of the most advantageous benefits of the iot and cloud computing system is in any possibility of having trouble with your devices, you can access to backups anytime which are already uploaded in the cloud system in case of an emergency. You can view and use the backup files via the internet with your mobile phone or computer too.

IoT and Cloud Computing

With today’s technology, the iot and cloud computing system are evolving day by day and many cloud storage service options are available for users. But which one is suitable for you? Here is a list for you:

Iot cloud computing
Iot cloud computing


Our first choice among the cloud systems is the pCloud. In particular, a 10 GB-wide storage area is offered free of charge within the new account, which will be opened by new users. Another advantage is that with every invited one of your friends around you, the storage area will increase to 20 GB. In payment options, prices are very reasonable.

For example, $9.99 for per month of 2 TB storage, $95 for 12 months or $250 for unlimited lifetime use. Apart from the Android and IOS phone platforms, in particular, separate applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems are also available too.


Our other option is the Dropbox cloud system. It works by creating a custom folder on your device itself and save data in it. Also, it performs a current backup when you give online confirmation. It’s ready for use with a 2 GB free trial account, but if you want large storage space, you should upgrade to the premium options for your large documents.

As a price, you must pay $9.99 for per month for 1 TB of storage or $99 for 12 months. With the synchronization feature, you can easily save the documents you want to keep to the cloud system.

Cloud computing
Cloud computing

Google Drive

Google Drive is a system powered by utility tools, which is almost one of the most popular systems among other cloud storage systems. One of the best things is that Google Drive offers a free storage space such as 15 GB, which can be increased to 30 TB. As a price, especially for $2 per month for 100 Gb of usage space is ideal as economically. Real-time synchronization is available at your request or at your choice of time and can be performed smoothly on any device you use.


It is very expensive from a low-budget user as a point of view, except that it has high security and robust cloud storage system. There is no free trial version and package options in particular, and the price range starts at $24 per month for 2000 GB and $100 for 12 months. Not only the Tresorit storage system is expensive but also it has some important terms of security because it encrypts files in the cloud.

For example, it encrypts the files specifically for users with Windows or Mac operating systems, and then it sends encrypted files simultaneously to its server in the same way.

Iot cloud
Iot cloud
Iot cloud platforms
Iot cloud platforms


Mega cloud platform was founded in 2013 by Kim Dotcom. Besides the private security systems are very comfortable in terms of convenient availability and speed, there are small problems with file sharing speed. It offers 50GB of storage for free. If this does not provide you with sufficient storage space, you must pay $99 per 12 months for 500 GB, or $199 per 12 months for 2 TB and $299 per 12 months for 4 TB.

Media Fire

Media Fire is another option from cloud storage systems that which has limited processing with a low price budget. It offers users as much as 10 GB of storage for free. But it offers options such as $5 per month for 1 TB or $45 for 12 months too. Besides the low price advantages, there are some disadvantages too. Especially there is no folder installation option. Also, mobile phone devices and computers may have problems for integration.

Importance of Iot computing
Importance of Iot computing


SpiderOakit is one of the safest storage systems known except for speed and users availability. SpiderOak is particularly focused on providing services to users under user security and specific privacy infrastructure. It offers a free storage area of 2 GB, but you can change this size by paying €5 for a month of 150 GB and €39 for 12 months.

We listed iot and cloud computing systems above that which are in different aspects of other cloud storage platforms as the safest, as the most useful, as the most affordable or with some disadvantages to you. Certainly, it is very hard to see all the features in one system, but the way it is used, with security protocols and reasonable prices are ideal options for average budget users.

Paying a certain amount of money to have more storage space may not be appropriate for your budget. Or mid-level storage and fast file transfer is another reasonable option for you. Choosing should be divided into sections as a priority for the user such as budget, security protocols, speed and the time.


How to Choose Best IoT Cloud Services?

The iot and cloud computing system are evolving with technology. What are the Iot cloud platforms? Why importance is iot cloud computing?

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