LikeABosch: IoT Platforms of Bosch Promise a New Daily Life

IoT like a Bosh

Bosch is one of the leading IoT companies in the world. It operates as a global technology and service supplier. It operates in four areas:

1- Mobility Solutions

2- Industrial Technologies

3- Durable Consumer Goods

4- Energy and Building Technologies

It makes human life comfortable with technology motto for life. The company has a growing interest in technology and innovative products. It creates solutions in many areas by using the Internet of Things technology. These solutions are implemented with sensor technology and its own cloud system. Bosch is the world’s leading Internet supplier of objects.

Before moving on to the topic ‘Bosch IoT, it is useful to give a brief description of the Internet of Things technology.

Bosch IoT
Bosch IoT

Internet of Things Technology

The Internet of objects technology is the transfer of information between objects as a result of connecting objects to the Internet with the help of specific networks and sensors. Certain activities occur as a result of this transfer. The place of Internet of Things technology in human life is increasing day by day.

As technology evolves, the devices created by the Internet of Things and connected to the Internet also increase. Despite the changing needs of people, the diversity of products is also increasing. Since the technology of the Internet of Things has been incorporated into human life, it continues to provide comfort and convenience to people.

Internet of things technology
Internet of things technology

Internet of Things technology is present in every field. There are smart homes, smart cities, smart buildings, iodine in health, iodine in industry, iodine in agriculture and many other areas. In addition to the comfort and comfort provided to people by using the Internet of Things in this field, it also provides great benefits.

Smart networks are created with smart cities applications. In this way, besides the efficient use of energy resources, environmental pollution is prevented. Thus, a livable world is left to future generations.

IoT in Bosch

In 2018, Bosch succeeded in selling products with up to 52 million Internet access. Connectivity is an important step for Bosch. It uses it for mobility, for industry, for life. It provides connectivity to cars, buildings and many objects. The company uses Bosch IoT Suite and connects nearly ten million products from different manufacturers to the network.

Bosch IoT Suite is a comprehensive software platform for the Internet of Things that the company offers to its customers and partners. It is a system that allows IoT developers to implement the applications in a more practical and safe way. Includes various cloud services and software packages. Bosch iot cloud is also included in this system. It offers innovative solutions to customers.

Bosch IoT cloud
Bosch IoT cloud

Thanks to the Bosch iot suite:

  • You can securely connect and manage devices or gateways.
  • Your access methods are secure.
  • You can create digital impressions on physical devices.
  • You can update firm software
  • You can manage and analyze the IoT data.

Bosch IoT Suite uses an open source system. In this way, they can benefit from all the advantages of the cloud system.

IoT “Like a Bosch”

It is a discourse that tries to put forward what can be done today for a better tomorrow. Bosch has combined iot-based applications in this discourse. It aims to explain the solutions of the customers in the best way and to do them in an environmentally sensitive way. It allows people to live more comfortably in a connected world. With the solutions it offers, it has brought a new approach to the Internet of Things technology.

Bosch iot is a leading company in the field of sensors, software and services. Bosch invests heavily in the Internet of Things technology. Bosch IoT Suite demonstrates this by connecting more than eight million sensors, devices and machines to users and company applications. In addition, its cloud application ‘Bosch cloud’ has many IoT projects in mobility, smart cities, agriculture and more.

Bosch cloud
Bosch cloud

Bosch is also a manufacturer of micro-electromechanical sensors. These sensors transmit important information to the vehicle. For example, speed, brake, and slip system. This information is used for the safety of vehicles. Bosch MEMS sensors are available in smartphones, in the healthcare sector, in smart home appliances.

Bosch products also use artificial intelligence projects. For example, fire detection system is created by using video. Smart images will be analyzed and you will have the opportunity to identify the fire within seconds. By saving time, perhaps huge losses will be prevented.

Bosch DLT

Bosch anticipates that the DLT market will grow significantly in the next five years. With this technology, the company argues that the concept of ‘economy of objects’ will become important. For example, in the field of mobility, it can automate the use of toll roads, parking lots and charging stations in cars. Thus, it can provide convenience to vehicle owners. Bosch introduces projects to regulate the e-car charging process. It aims to provide services in the most appropriate way to negotiate with the charging stations of automobiles.

Reservations and payments will be made automatically with block chain technology. Thanks to this system, everything will be done in a short time and according to your request. Another nice thing is that you can use your choice from a station with a playground if your child is with you. Or if you’re hungry, a station with a place to eat would be good for you.

Bosch IoT Suite
Bosch IoT Suite

Parking and parking is a compelling process for all drivers. The solution for this process will come from the intelligent parking management system. With this block chain based system, automobiles will be able to communicate with nearby parking lots. Bosch is also working on this system.


As a result, Bosch uses the Internet of Things technologies in many other areas. Thanks to the Bosch iot platform and the bosch iot cloud, innovations are achieved very quickly. It is possible to understand the importance of objects to internet technology in smart home appliances, as well as the larger iot solutions. With its intelligent solutions, Bosch has taken important steps in the Internet of Things technology.


LikeABosch: IoT Platforms of Bosch Promise a New Daily Life

Bosch, with IoT Suite provide their customers and partners with software platform for the IoT. IoT applications, smart software packages consists.

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