Define IoT Devices with 7 Remarkable Device Examples

IoT device examples

The Internet is growing, developing and adding new things. This technology, which was slowly progressing in the past, has led to the discovery of incredible inventions today. The Internet now allows devices to communicate. This situation, which seems like a dream, has become possible today. Especially after 2020 more than 50 billion devices connected to the Internet to make human life easier to attract the attention of many researchers.

IoT devices provide many convenience, comfort and convenience to people’s lives. Besides, it prepares a more livable world ground by reducing the big problems such as environmental pollution. Before moving on to define iot devices, it may be useful to clarify what the Internet of Things Technology is and where it is used.

Define IoT devices
Define IoT devices

What is Internet of Things Technology?

Thanks to the extraordinary development of wireless communication technologies, this concept has become even more important in human life. The Internet of objects is the interaction and communication of objects with the help of specific networks and sensors. It is clear that technology makes life easier when applied to objects.

Connecting objects and exchanging information is called the Internet of objects. The concept of the Internet was first used in 1999. Kevin Ashton is the first person to use. Since then, the situation is very different. It does not stop counting the conveniences it provides in every aspect of life.

What is the Iot?

What is the Iot?People’s interest in the devices introduced by the Internet of objects technology is increasing day by day. They are curious about these devices that will bring practicality to their lives and save them time. In return, companies are investing heavily in the field of iot and launching new products. The use of Internet technology of these objects will increase day by day.

Where is the Internet of Things Technology Used?

It is possible to see the Internet of Things technology in every field. It is not possible to try to understand the conveniences it offers to your life in only one area. In many sectors it is more accurate to try to understand. Smart city formations can be said to be the largest area where the Internet of Things technology is seen. Smart cities cover smart transport, smart roads, bridges, smart lightings, smart traffic lights and many more.

Especially smart traffic provides great convenience to human life. Smart city formations help the development of cities and create positive situations in every aspect. Smart home automation will also make your daily life the most practical. By connecting every item in your home to the internet, you can manage your belongings even if you are not at home. You can convert your home to the form you want before you come home.

Where is the internet of things technology used?
Where is the internet of things technology used?

The internet technology of the objects you will use in your business life will enable you to do your jobs in the most efficient way. You will also be able to get more quality products in a short time. It is a technology that will contribute greatly to lower your cost. The health and medical field is another area where the Internet of Things technology is used.

You will have a comfortable process thanks to the internet devices of health objects. The solution of your treatments will also be found in a short time. In many other areas, the Internet of Things technology may be encountered. For example: Education, agriculture, etc.

IoT Devices Examples

Iot devices are described in some of the examples that have great impact on your life from Iot devices examples:

AWS IoT button
AWS IoT button

1- AWS IoT Button

It is a button that enables the use of services such as AWS IoT Core, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SNS. This button will help you do a lot of your work. With this button you can control your devices. For example, you can use it as a remote control for appliances in your home.

You can place your orders with AWS IoT button. You can also follow the products you use at home with this button. And you can get the AWS IoT button to help you with a lot of things you don’t even think about.

2-August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock is a lock system that brings the security of your home to the highest point. It can be applied to every door. With this lock, you will send invitations to people coming to your home for certain times and that person will download the application of this lock system to their phone. Thanks to the application, when the person approaches your home, the door opens automatically and the incoming person can enter your home.

These invitations can be long-term for the people you want, or you can send invitations for a specific time. Even if you are not at home, your services are made. In addition, the person you send an invitation to the house when, how long has remained and died by recording the information is presented to you.

August smart lock
August smart lock

3- Delivery Drones

These delivery drones, integrated in smart cities and smart ways, will deliver the product you want without getting stuck in traffic. An example of iot decives that will be used quite often in a short time.

4- Omron Smartwatch

An iot device that gives you important information about your health beyond an hour. It is a smart watch that provides information about your blood pressure values and sports activities.

5- Philips Hue Bulbs and Lighting System

Thanks to these smart lamps, you will be able to create the ambience you want at home or in other environments, as well as save energy.

Philips hue bulbs and lighting system
Philips hue bulbs and lighting system

6- WeMo Insight Smart Plug

You can easily set up this smart outlet in your home, helping you manage devices. This socket provides you with many benefits and helps to save energy.

7- Exoskeletons

Iot solutions in the field of health are very important. It is an iot device for people who have stroke and cannot walk. It is thought that patients will even recover after long-term use of this robotic suit.


Define IoT Devices with 7 Remarkable Device Examples

We are described that have great impact on your life from Iot devices examples in this article. What is the define iot devices?

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