Redefine Your Home: BOSCH IoT Platform Supported Home Furnitures

Advances in AI technology are indispensable for future smart homes. With the development of Bosch IoT technology, home appliances, furniture and even cars become “smart ve and our lives become much better quality. Air conditioning, TV, lighting, sound, refrigerator, camera…

Everything connects to the network via the Bosch IoT platform and can be easily controlled from the outside with a single application downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. If you look back a few years ago, you will see how technology has evolved in a short period of time. Even if household appliances and furniture are connected to a network and can be controlled by a single smartphone, this is not the endpoint of a smart home, but just one of the crossing points.


Bosch IoT Cloud

Bosch has announced the launch of Bosch IoT Cloud, a cloud for Internet-based services. Bosch will continue to offer a variety of applications for connected mobility, connected industries and connected buildings via the Bosch IoT cloud.

Denner, CEO of Bosch: “Bosch IoT Cloud is a big milestone. The key is privacy and data security.” Bosch IoT Cloud is developing German technological innovation. In terms of strong expertise in software and IT infrastructure, the first cloud will be located in Germany.

Bosch is active on all three levels required for IoT (sensors, software, services). The Bosch Group not only provides the essential technologies for networking such as sensors and software but also develops new services based on them.

Bosch IoT Cloud” consists of technical infrastructures such as platforms and software. It will be used for Bosch’s in-house solution at first, but it will be used as a service to other general companies over the coming years.

Bosch uses the IoT cloud in its computing center near Stuttgart. The legal framework for this is based on German and EU data security regulations.

bosh iot cloud
bosh iot cloud

What Is the Bosch Iot Suite?

Bosch IoT Suite is the platform for the rapid acquisition of  Bosch Iot cloud applications. It is a highly efficient model for developers who want to develop, deploy and operate. Mobile phones can be used via Bosch IoT Suite devices. Devices and third party systems defined and implemented by the end-user.

Bosch announced that there will be no Bosch IoT products made without AI in the next 10 years. So there is a strong desire to bet on the development of AI technology.

If AI technology is further developed in future research and if Mykie was created using this technology, what will “Mykie” perform in the next few years?

Bosch was renowned worldwide as a manufacturer of automotive parts and power tools, but this time it is on its way to becoming the development center for AI technology and smart home-related Bosch IoT devices.

The basic functions of Bosch IoT Suite are the provision of network and application logic of devices on the Internet. If necessary, solutions can be scaled well. The individual services of the Bosch IoT Suite can be combined as desired.

Bosch Iot Suite
Bosch Iot Suite

Bosch IoT Suite for Developers provides tools to quickly implement a variety of requirements. The tools make it easy for network devices and users to create, deploy, and operate highly scalable applications. Managing devices, machines, and gateways is easy and reliable. Access is via secure access management. Other features of the package include the introduction of software, the interconnection of third  – party services and systems, and analysis of data.

For the transformation of houses into smart homes via Bosch iot suite; all living conditions, health conditions, hobbies and residence preferences of the people living in the house are learned. Then, household appliances and furniture work automatically without interfering with the smartphone. Therefore artificial intelligence and Bosch iot cloud technology are needed to create such a useful space.

What Kind of Solutions does Bosch IoT Suite Offer?

Bosch IoT Suite recognizes things that can connect to the Web and allows data to be organized and modified. This makes it possible to analyze and process large amounts of data, ie large data, as well as the implementation of various services and business models.

For example, when a symptom of damage is reported, Bosch IoT Suite can maintain order autonomously, such as taking measures to repair the machine.

In addition to its customers, Bosch is conducting a series of solutions and projects based on this platform. Bosch offers a variety of products and solutions for the networking world. Currently, more than 5 million devices and machines are connected to Bosch IoT Cloud.

Bosch suite solutions
Bosch suite solutions

What is the AI ​​Robot “Mykie” Which is Developed by Bosch?

Bosch, who developed Mykie, said in a press release that it will invest 300m Euros to establish a new center for AI research by 2021. Bosch has decided to invest a lot, so you can see how serious it is for AI technology development and how important AI is in future smart homes.

Bosch announced “Mykie da at CES and IFA, the world’s largest consumer electronics fair. Mykie is a common name and the official name is “My kitchen elf”.

Mykie is a personal assistant robot that specifically helps users in the kitchen. It works with Bosch IoT smart home appliances to control home appliances by voice and connects to the internet to inform you about today’s news and weather. It can talk in the kitchen while you are cooking, it can give you the recipe like “cut the onion, slice the potato, add one cup of water, etc.” via Bosch IoT cloud.

AI ​​Robot Mykie by Bosch
AI ​​Robot Mykie by Bosch

There is a projector unit on the back so you can get the recipes and you can learn height information like knife sizes. It can also help you find the best recipes that can be made with ingredients left in the refrigerator and automatically create a shopping list so you don’t forget to buy them.

It also has the ability to recognize the faces of family members. For example, when a father wants to drink coffee, Mykie controls the coffee machine to make coffee the way he likes.

Mykie is a kitchen assistant (or no longer a home assistant) like a family member, but in fact, it is still a concept model and seems to draw attention to which products the technology will be used in the future.

In addition, Bosch seems to aim to further develop Bosch IoT technology with the establishment of the AI ​​Research Center and making an intermediary function that can easily communicate with the family in “Mykie”.


Redefine Your Home: BOSCH IoT Platform Supported Home Furnitures

Explore Bosh’s IoT supported platforms: Bosch IoT Cloud, Bosch IoT Suite for furnitures and devices.

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