How Google IoT Devices Work in Houses

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Nowadays, home IoT ( internet of things) technologies and IoT devices that are integrated into this technology are developing rapidly. IoT technologies make our lives easier in many areas of our lives, such as ; business life, home life, education, sports, childcare, etc. Many large technology companies such as Google Inc., Alibaba, IBM, Samsung, etc. have already begun to invest in iot devices. Google Inc. is leading the way with its large google iot investments.

In this article, we will look at the iot devices pioneered by google iot devices, which makes our home life easier. Google was founded 20 years ago and has invested heavily in developing technologies since its inception. iot technologies, which are currently the trend in the world and expected to enter our lives completely in the coming years, are among the leading ones.

Google Assistant

You need to make an effort to keep many smart devices in your home working and checking their status. Interference of your smart home devices with your voice may seem like a remote technology to you. You can interact with your home smart devices by connecting them to Google Assistant without building a conversational interface.

Google Assistant Iot
Google Assistant Iot

Iot Devices And Google Assistant

Google Assistant can work with more than 1500 smart iot devices and interact with more than 200 popular brands. It is so easy to be part of this iot ecosystem for your smart devices. You want to use your smart devices by yourself from the Google Assistant whether using a voice-activated speaker like google home, from smartphone, an Android TV or any other google iot supported surface.

With the actions on Google Smart Home API, you can integrate your existing cloud-connected smart home devices with the Google Assistant. Smart Google Iot Devices could be your furniture, cabinet, air conditioning, kettle, etc. Also, you may use and cloud service and device operating system that you want. The choice is yours.

Iot Devices And Google Assistant
Iot Devices And Google Assistant

How To Connect Smart Devices And Google Assistant

You will need to connect your web server to the Google iot devices Assistant your webhook will be called, when the user gives a command and your server will have to process the request and complete the user’s query. Smart home devices connect to the Home Graph in the web site, this is a database which stores and provides contextual information about the user’s home and the smart devices inside.

For example, Home Graph can store the concept of a living room which contains multiple types of devices from different manufacturers. Without having to deal with parsing sentences yourself, you can handle complex queries like cool down living room or to make my living room light brighter.

Connect Smart Devices And Google Assistant
Connect Smart Devices And Google Assistant

Gathering Informatıon From User’s Devices

The Google iot devices assistant uses information in order to execute user requests based on the appropriate context. Your web hook communicates with the asistant servers, receiving intents and responding by taking action on devices or responding with information about a user’s devices. For example, your webhook will be asked to provide a list of user’ s connected Google iot devices via a sync intent. It can also be asked to turn the light on or turn the light off with an execute intent.

Your client will handle the actual management of the state and execution. If asked whether the light is on, a query intent will ask your webhook to provide the current state of the light. When using Smart Home API, you provide a list of traits that your device can support. For example, your light or your air condition or any other device that you are using in your home can turn on and turn off. Google Assistant handles all the possible ways that you can say that.

Yout doesn’t write your own grammars nor building a conversational app. When you just say ‘’ turn my living room light on, please ‘’  the Google iot Assistant processes your command the Home Graph understands that you have a light in your living room and that it can turn on and turn off. As seen on google assistant self-learning system.

Easy To Use

In short, after connecting the google assistant to your web server, all you need to do is transfer the main commands. In addition to Google Assistant and Google iot devices, many applications are still in development. Perhaps in the future, from our clothes to watches and glasses, all our devices in the house will be smart devices and interact with a single application. If we look at the developments in recent years, we can understand that this future is not far away.

Google iot devices easy to use
Google iot devices easy to use

Other Technologies

In addition to Google Assistant, Google Inc. is investing in many new start-ups. In this way, in addition to home technologies, we will be able to use google iot devices in many areas of our lives. There are also lots of investments in United State of America, Europe and Asia, except from Google. Thanks to this competition, iot technologies will develop in a very short time.

googles iot devices

At The End

As a result, iot devices started to be integrated into our lives with the investments of big companies such as Google Inc. Ali Baba, IBM, Samsung, etc. Iot devices such as Google iot app, Google Assistant will greatly change and make our lives easier. As this sector is in demand, the growth rate will continue to increase. For the time being, only the investments of big firms are in the foreground, with the increase in competition, we will be able to see big and new companies in the coming years.

According to recent research, 80% of people find it difficult to do household chores manually. especially when working people come to their homes, they expect a lot of work to be taken over the smartphone. they can prepare food in the oven, boil water, operate washing machines and turn on the air conditioner. All of these can be made possible with applications such as google iot assistant.


How Google IoT Devices Work in Houses

Find out how Google IoT Devices work in houses. Connected smart devices in houses work with Google Assistant.

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