The period of the Internet of Things, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, affects many of our daily lives as well as changing many sectors. Especially our homes are places where we can feel the effect of internet of things technology on our daily lives.

IoT Home Appliances
IoT Home Appliances

Many of the devices we are familiar with and use in our homes are included in home appliances IoT devices. Let’s look at the answers to questions such as what are the IoT home appliances, how they are used, what are their advantages and disadvantages.

How Did Smart Home Appliances Enter Our Lives?

Smart Home Appliances
Smart Home Appliances

One of the most important application areas of IoT in our daily lives is smart home appliances and smart home systems obviously. The number of people using smart home systems is increasing day by day. The main reason for this is the decrease in cost.

The investment costs of smart home systems installed without IoT technology were also very high. In addition to the cost, the installation and assembly processes required high amounts of money. Now, thanks to the wireless solutions provided by IoT, smart home systems have become easily applicable and can be used at much lower costs.

Exactly 26 years ago, the number of connected devices per person in the world was 0.08. This number is now more than 10 billion thanks to the reduction of the cost of the required technology and the ease of use. It is estimated that this number will increase to over 30 billion in the next year.

Internet of Things and Smart Home Collaboration

Internet of Things and Smart Home
Internet of Things and Smart Home

Internet of things and smart home concepts are already intertwined. Lighting, heating and security systems are the most widespread applications of internet of things used in homes. One of the biggest benefits of these systems is saving energy and time. With energy savings, users pay lower fees and take a step to protect our planet.

Smart home appliances implemented with many applications such as sockets, smart lighting systems, smart thermostats, control of electrical household appliances make the lives of many users very practical.

One of the most costly expenses for our homes is heating and cooling systems. For this reason, the savings provided by smart home appliances attract many people. The money spent on the installation and mobilization of smart home systems is returned to the user in a short time thanks to savings.

What are the Benefits of Making Your Appliance Smart?

Smart Appliances
Smart Appliances

There are many advantages to making your appliance smart. We have just mentioned the advantages of saving energy and money. Now let’s talk about how IoT home appliances and smart devices make your daily life easier.

Think of it this way: All the devices you use at home (connected to a Wi-Fi or using an IP address) can communicate with each other through the same system. This communication allows you to control all devices in your home with a single control mechanism. You can adjust the air conditioner, lights, television, coffee machine with a control mechanism. And you don’t have to be home to do all this. It’s up to you to control the comfort, warmth and safety of your home wherever you are.

In order to use smart home devices, the devices in your home need to be optimized. Anyway, this is the costly part of this process, which makes us think it is a luxury process. The devices in your home need to be adjustable and have software to match your smart home concept. In addition to the software we already know, such as Bluetooth, there are new technological protocols.

However, there are companies and systems that do all of this adjustment and installation for you.

What Can You Do with IoT Home Appliances?

Home Appliance Smart Devices
Home Appliance Smart Devices

Currently, there are many brands of IoT home appliances and devices on the market. Many system-oriented products (such as lighting, security, entertainment and heating systems) are available to users. Let’s give a few examples for clarity.

  • You can use special bulbs to control the light level and color of your home bulbs with your phone. You can create a lighting calendar for your home and save energy with these bulbs with different price options.
  • Built-in motion sensors are another option for lighting your home. The built-in motion sensors detect the location of people in the house and adjust the lights accordingly. It is also possible to automatically adjust the intensity of the light with the ambience sensor.
  • Thanks to IoT-based ventilation systems, you can easily adjust the temperature and ventilation of your home according to your desired temperature and usage habits. If you prefer not to install a new ventilation system, you can also make the ventilation in your home smart with smart sensors.
  • With IoT based smart appliances designed to ensure the security of your home at any time, you can watch what happens in your home with your phone at any time. When you are at home, you can also see who is knocking on your door or who is standing in the backyard.
  • You can receive alerts from devices that measure carbon monoxide and similar gases in your home without risking a fire or explosion. You can use alarm systems to prevent flooding.
  • With smart lock systems, you can control the people entering and leaving your house and lock the door automatically when you are not at home.
  • With smart electric cookers, you can adjust the temperature of your cooking, cooking time and etc. even when you are not at home.
  • With the help of smart irrigation systems, you can activate the automatic garden irrigation option according to the moisture condition of the soil in your garden.
  • You can install a voice assistant system in your smart home and give all commands verbally. You can find out about the day’s news, movies in motion, weather and traffic conditions from your voice assistant.
  • You can entrust the cleansing of your home to smart brooms that can clean your house while you are away or at home. If you use smart sockets, you do not have to worry about unplugging any appliance, because you can disconnect the power from any mobile phone even when you are not at home.

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